Party Members

On the western continent of Jadahr lies a nameless slave town, or rather a prison with high walls around it, where criminals are thrown in with no hope of ever leaving freely; the only way out of this town is either as a corpse or slave. Glenn was born here. His only image of freedom has been the birds soaring throughout the skies high above the city. He caught himself often wondering how they must feel being able to go wherever they please. After the town was destroyed by the Great Jadahr Exodus, he joined a mercenary group and became a sky armor pilot, which finally led him to Valandis.

Lenne is the princess of the northern Kingdom of Valandis. As the oldest female member of the royal family, she is the leader of the anti-mech unit, the Valkyries. She is kind, loyal and loves Valandis’ people, but in her heart bore restlessness. Haunted by dreams from a different past, she searches for a special place that might give her the inner peace she longs for. She fled her kingdom in search of this place.

Robb is the firstborn son of Lord Gustav, who betrayed the northern kingdom of Valandis in the last war. After the war, Gustav was allowed to keep his land under the agreement that his property be strictly regulated while his son was taken hostage in the castle of the northern kingdom. It was there that Robb grew up and became good friends with Princess Lenne. Although of noble birth, Robb was mostly ignored at the court, relegated to eating and sleeping with the servants. He yearns to be seen as the noble he actually is. This causes him to despise the lower echelons of society, leading to an arrogant demeanor that embodies a condescending perspective to everyone below his class and an idolization of everyone above him.

In the world of Chained Echoes, Victor’s fame reaches unbounded all across the land. He is a stage writer and bard known for his captivating stage plays and enchanting stories. Remarkably, he is also responsible for bringing about the printing and distribution of books to all around the world. The first books to be printed were of course his very own stage plays, which led to his wild popularity. He is adored by the everyday average citizen, as well as by the aristocracy. He is an honored guest to every banquet of the world and allowed to travel freely between the war-ridden countries. Victor is one of the Aar, a humanoid race with a longevity that has so far been known to reach up to a thousand years. He is a kind man who loves to drink, dance and tell bad jokes. He is something of a mentor to Glenn throughout the game.

Sienna is not nearly as renowned as Victor but is still widely known in certain circles. They call her the Red Succubus, notorious for a reputation that has deemed her to be the most dangerous con artist around. Her love for money is unmatched, giving rise to her traveling the world in constant search for any opportunity to gain some extra coin. Often times she appears naturally self-centered, with thoughts generally revolving only around her own profit. Even though many people have heard of the female con artist dressed in red, she continues to wear her brand color due to her strong confidence in her skills. She also owns an airship, which is called the Himmelskaiser but is nothing more than a shabby flying boat.

Amalia is the 12th daughter of the king of Fonset. When the king fell victim to disease, a dispute between his 23 children roused concern of the succession to the throne. After a year of poisoning, murder and so-called “accidents,” the only child left was Princess Amalia. She has a good heart hidden behind an introverted, cold shell that was unfortunately formed during that dark time. Always at her side is her dog Cres, who is named after his crescent shaped tail in his transformed battle form.

Not much is known of Ba’Thraz, a lizard man hailing from a distant country. As a mercenary, he has traveled the world and seen many things. Though often times people say that mercenaries are only loyal to the coin, Ba’Thraz believes that reputation is far more important. Once he is contracted, he is an ally one can trust. He has also made a pact with The Curse, offering his limbs for the power to control metal close to him. He likes to drink and hates to talk.

Egyl is one of the Sova, an owl-like race. They are a proud people, loyal to their lord, serious and very strict when it comes to following rules and etiquettes. Egyl wishes to embody these traits but unfortunately has failed to do so; he is clumsy and insecure, with the inability to follow the manners of his people. But for what he lacks in etiquette, he compensates with his prowess in battle. Endowed with a virtuous heart, Egyl is someone people can count on, as he is always ready to help his friends.